National Pet Photo Day! What's Your Pet?

I think we can all agree that our pets are just about the cutest things on earth, right?

Frankly, I’m taking pictures of our cats just about every single day, which makes today a very exciting day for me: It’s National Pet Photo Day!

So what’s your favorite photo of your pets? Ask Mom or Dad to share a picture of your pet on social media and tag Keys for Kids Ministries so I can see 😇

And check out photos of some of our favorite pets:

Dylan with his cat Tibbles. Tibby loves sitting on people's shoulders!

Dylan holding his son Tucker along with his cat Timber. Timber often meows like a kitten, so his nickname is “Baby” 😆


These are my friend Hannah's ducks! How would you like to have ducks for pets?

How many ducks do you think you'd be able to handle? Hannah has 15 – a whole flock!

Hannah also has an iguana 🤩 How cool is that?? She looks like she doesn't believe you though 😂

A couple very active doggos running along with their owners at a 5k race!

Dylan's friends' cats Tiger Paw (left) and Fluff (right). You can just imagine all the cat hair they leave behind!

Hard to see in this picture, but this pup is helping his owner sell fancy braided rope art!

This is Dylan's old cat Simba. He was a very sleepy old man.My friend Stacy's pupper Milo from 2 years ago. He's a much bigger boy now, over 90 pounds!

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