Visiting Shut-Ins or Nursing Homes

We are all so busy during the holidays but let’s not forget those that may be overlooked or forgotten. Many nursing homes welcome families and kids to come and visit, especially during Christmas. Spreading joy and Christ’s love is not hard, it just takes a little planning.

Search Google for a nursing home near you and call to ask if you can come visit some of their residents!

Or maybe you're thinking of those who have a hard time getting out for Christmas Celebrations. Why not bring a little Christmas Celebration to them? Ask your pastor if he knows anyone who would like a visitor.

Need more ideas?  Click here to read 5 tips by Pamela Price to help get you started. And let’s get started spreading that joy!

When you go on your visit, have mom or dad take a picture and send it to us at [email protected] to be featured online.

Countdown to Christmas continues as we make our way to Christmas Day with you. Be looking and listening for more Fab Family FUN ideas! Let’s do this!

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