The World's OLDEST App Developer?

Now that school is starting, I hope you’re enjoying it and you like what you’re learning! But maybe you’re looking forward to the day when you’re graduated from school, you’ve got your diploma, and you’re done with this whole learning business.

Well, I got some news for you, school is only the beginning of all the stuff you’ll learn in life, and Masako Wakamiya is a great example of that.

She didn’t learn to use a computer until she was 60 years old, but she loves it so much that she learned how to program them! Now she’s 82 years old and she’s probably the oldest mobile app developer in the world!

She says she feels more fulfilled in her life after turning 60 years old than before she turned 60. So my advice from her story is don’t stop learning even after school 🙂

Watch Masako Wakamiya’s video:

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