The Story of Pakak and Mitik

Pakak and Mitik are two adorable walruses who were rescued as orphans off the coast of Alaska in 2012. They were rescued separately but spent several months together as babies. They seemed to bond and often played and even snuggled together. How cute is that?

Pakak and Mitik as Babies in 2012

But the adopted brothers weren’t to stay together for long. Pakak was sent the Indianapolis Zoo and Mitik first went to the New York Aquarium but was later sent to SeaWorld San Diego. See what Pakak looked like in 2016 at 1,000 pounds.

Pakak in 2016

Seven years after being rescued the two walrus “brothers” were reunited at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. And they remembered each other! “They vocalize back and forth to each other and follow each other around the pool,” said senior staff biologist Amanda Shaffer. “They’re obviously really comfortable with each other and their new home.” It seems like these two teenage walruses love to have fun together!

Pakak and Mitik in 2019

As every good story goes, the walrus had to grow up and now they are moving on to start a family of their own. I’m sure their story is far from over! We’ll be watching.  🙂    

Farewell Walrus Boys 2020

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