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Learn to Juggle with the CRAZY TIE GUY

One time, I got to meet the Crazy Tie Guy, his real name is Nathan Dorrell, and he and his whole family share the Gospel with juggling tricks!

They’re pretty incredible, they can juggle balls, rings, bowling pins, and even do it on stilts and unicycles!

I had a lot of fun hanging out with them and they even taught me how to juggle. I learned a little when I was a kid and it was fun bringing it back again.

You can learn how to juggle from the Crazy Tie Guy too:

“Go through the videos 1 at a time until you get ready for the next level.  May God bless you in your juggling venture!”

“2nd step…do it with the video:”

“Don’t go to three balls till you can do 20 catches of 2…then go to this next step:”

“Once you get to 20 with three balls you can start with our next level tricks:”

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