Kangaroo Rats: They're Not Kangaroos, And They're Not Rats! 🤷‍♀️

I have a theory about animals that the smaller an animal is, the cuter it is. So judging by that, how cute do you think a kangaroo rat must be?

For one, they are TINY! They only weigh about the same as a small box of paperclips and they’re smaller than your hand!

And despite the name, they are neither rats nor kangaroos, they're their own thing. They do hop around like kangaroos so that’s where that name comes from.

Probably one of the most impressive things about them is how far they can jump. In just one hop they can go as far as 7 feet! That’s kinda like you jumping almost a mile at a time.

You can check out what these little guys look like and how they live:

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