Easy: Build a Hula Hoop Tent in the Garden!

Do you ever wish you had your own secret spot to hang out by yourself? It's nice to have a little place that's just for you where you can be alone.

Today on Fort Building Week on Keys for Kids Radio's Summer of Fun, you'll see how to build an easy hula hoop tent outside!

You'll need a hula hoop (of course), some string or rope, ribbon or other dangly bits for decoration, and a cool-looking shower curtain.

First, tie a string across the middle of the hula hoop, then another string across at right angles, making an 'X' pattern.

Second, tie the end of a string around the spot where the two hula hoop strings meet. This string should be long enough to attach the hula hoop to a branch or something up high, so the hula hoop will hang about 5-6 feet in the air.

Third, once it's hung up, hang the shower curtain from the hula hoop, which forms the walls of your tent. Then tie your ribbons and other decorations to the hula hoop to spice it up!

If you want to see what this looks like, check out this video:

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