Dan Bremnes: 7 Continents, 8 Days, 1 Music Video!

It’s really cool to see behind the scenes on how things get made, and getting a peek on how Dan Bremnes and his friends created the music video for his song “Wherever I Go” was extra cool.

He had the idea to visit all 7 continents on earth in just 8 days and film a part of the video at each stop!

They also recorded their whole trip, and Dan released 9 episodes documenting their experiences.

They're drinking Starbucks in the desert, they're visiting 2,000 year old fortresses, they even get to go inside a pyramid in Egypt…there’s a lot going on!!

Check out the nine episodes and the final music video:

Canada ↓

Iceland ↓

Rome ↓

Jordan ↓

Egypt ↓

Dubai ↓

India ↓

China ↓

The End ↓

Dan Bremnes “Wherever I Go” music video ↓

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