Back to Winter Fun or Forward to Summer Fun?

Welcome back to “Would You Rather” Wednesday, where you pick what you want to do and why you want to do it!

This question is gonna see how tired you got of winter and how much you’re looking forward to summer!

Today’s question: Would you rather go SLEDDING for a whole day with your friends, or go to a WATERPARK for a whole day with your friends?

If you’re missing the snow already, maybe you'll go sledding; or if you’re tired of being cold, maybe a warm summer day in the pool sounds pretty good!

One of our friends wrote in: “I picked this choice because I love to sled down steep hills. There is a bumpy hill at my school that's really fun to sled down.”

And another friend (who chose the waterpark) wrote in: “Because 1. my birthday is in summer and 2. I LOVE the pool!”

Vote for your choice and leave a voice message:

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