You Can Make a Difference for Other People

It’s hard seeing all the things wrong in the world and not feel sad about it. Maybe you even want to help others who are in tough situations!

Helping others is important because it helps you learn how to put God’s love into practice in your life and once you get started, you may even find ways to do it that no one’s ever thought of before!

You can definitely make a difference in someone else’s life, even if you feel like you’re too young or you think there’s not much that you can do. 

I like to remember what my pastor says, “You can’t do everything for everybody, but you can do something for somebody.” That means you can’t make the whole world perfect, but you can make one person’s life better.

There’s a lot of ways you can help others. You can make meals for a family with someone sick in the hospital, do yard work for older people in your neighborhood, or help with housework for a family with a new baby. If you see a need, fill a need!

You can also volunteer or raise money for charity, and it’s great to help a charity that does their work in an area you’re interested in!

For example, if you love animals (who doesn’t?), you could donate money or time to the National Wildlife Federation. They help keep animals and their environments safe. Or if you’ve ever been in a bad storm and seen how much damage they can cause, you might like to support the American Red Cross, which often goes into areas devastated by natural disasters.

Whatever you and your family choose to do, ask God for wisdom and love so you can do your best for Him.

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