The HARDEST Place to Get Into? NASA Moon Rocks!

Getting up and getting ready for school can be pretty tough. You’re tired, maybe hungry, and you’ve got to do so much stuff just to show up!

What if you had to do all that, but then put on a bunny suit, a hair net, and paper shoes?

Well if you were studying moon rocks at NASA, you’d have to do all of that!

A bunny suit is a super clean paper jumpsuit to put over your regular clothes so you don’t get any microscopic dirt or earth dust on the moon rocks, and you wear the hair net and paper shoes for the same reason.

Destin from SmarterEveryDay got the chance to go see NASA’s moon rock collection in person and filmed it to show all of us too. The lab is super cool and all the equipment they use just to touch the rocks is crazy!

Check out the video:

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