Send Greeting Cards To Sick Kids

Do you like to make cards?  Why not spend some time making some homemade Christmas cards to send to kids who are sick and hospitalized over Christmas?

It’s not hard, especially when using “Cards for Hospitalized Kids” who will deliver them for you. Click here for the details.

Or you can arrange to deliver them yourself to a local hospital.  Make sure you call first but many will let you visit for a short time.

What a cool way to use your creative time at Christmas to bless others! Go for it!

When you're making your cards or visiting kids in the hospital, have your mom or dad take a picture and sent it to us at [email protected] to be featured online!

Christmas Countdown on Keys for Kids Radio last all month long as we celebrate the coming Savior with special music and stories along with a Fab Family FUN idea every day (download the checklist here). Keep checking back and listening for more amazing ideas.

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