Last Day with “The Aetherlight”

We've heard a lot this week about “The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance” with Tim Cleary, one of the creative worldbuilders of the game. We're giving away a 5 pack of the game for your whole family, plus a copy of the Aetherlight Bible. Today is the LAST DAY that you have a chance to enter your name to win, so you want to be sure you listen to Keys for Kids Radio to find out how to enter your name. You'll hear from Tim Cleary at the same time, but you can check out parts of that conversation right below↓↓↓

Hear the whole conversation and find out WHO WINS right after Adventures in Odyssey tomorrow, or check back here, I'll post the whole convo and the winner on What's Up.

Mom and Dad, interested in learning more about the game before letting your kids play? Check out their parent's guide here. /// Dylan

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