David of Bethlehem: A Priestly King

In the Garden of Eden, God made Adam and Eve in His image, and He commanded them to rule over the world as royal priests.

Part 1: YOU are a ROYAL Priest!

Part 2: MYSTERIOUS Melchizedek: The Priest-King

Part 3: Moses and Aaron: Two Very Different Priests

Part 4: David of Bethlehem: A Priestly King

Part 5: Jesus is Our Perfect Royal Priest

Part 6: God Has Called Us to be ROYAL PRIESTS

Of course, we know how they sinned and were sent out from the garden.

And throughout the Bible we see how God brought up new royal priests like Moses and Abraham.

One of those was King David, he was a good example when he trusted God to help him defeat Goliath and when he brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem!

David even wrote poems, what we call psalms, about Jesus and how He would be the perfect royal priest.

Learn more about this theme in the Bible and it can help you learn more about who Jesus is!

Watch the video for more:

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