New Seeds Music!

Brand New Music!!!  Have you heard the new Seeds Family Worship album yet?  It's awesome.  Here's more…

“This album is the hallmark album of the 15 years that we have created music because it is all about our Lord and Savior, JESUS! The main part of this album is all new music that will get your family and kids singing and worshiping Jesus while memorizing His Word. But there is more… We are finally releasing our first songs in Spanish as bonus tracks.

Every song on this CD was written to word-for-word scripture. This music is not only entertaining, but makes memorizing God’s Word easy and fun. This project was built around scriptures that help us know Jesus.”

Scripture and music together is the best combination!  Hear songs from Jesus vol 12 from Seeds Family Worship on Keys for Kids Radio. 

And here's a sneak peek….Enjoy.

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