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Ever heard of The Famous Wodfamchocsod of Whit's End? It's a super special drink at Whit's End in Adventures in Odyssey. If you've ever craved chocolate but been really thirsty at the same time, this is the drink for you! Check o...
So we're about to celebrate New Year's Day in just a few days here in the United States, but what was New Year's like in the Bible? In the Old Testament, God told the Israelites to celebrate certain festivals throughout the year, and o...
Tune in to the Nosy News Network coverage as they look into the events surrounding Christ's birth in Bethlehem. In a "30 Minutes Special Report," a modern news team broadcasts the breaking news about crowds traveling to Bethlehem for a ...
Catch Veggie Tales' The Singing Christmas Tree today on Keys for Kids Radio! It's on at 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Did you have your veggies yet today? 
It's Christmas and Holly, a young girl with a compassionate heart, has launched a toy and food drive for the needy. It's for a good cause and her heart is in the right place–at least at first. Once she begins to get a lot of publicity, ...
"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11  
Make your very own, homemade cocoa to share with a friend!  Check out the recipe below from our friends at Clubhouse Magazine!  Yummmmm..... Oh-So-Good Snow Cocoa by Christine Tangvald and Rondi DeBoer Gather 2 cups nonfat dry m...
Ethan has a new brother, Michael. Only Michael's not a cute little bundle of joy. He's a pretty big kid...adopted...and a bit of an annoying trivia buff. When Michael starts busting some myths about Christmas to Ethan's friends, it causes...
Looking for a little fun in the kitchen this weekend?  Try Clubhouse Magazine's "Sweet Snowflakes!"  Fast, easy and oh, so yummy!   http://www.clubhousejr.com/recipes/sweet-snowflakes.aspx
The mission is clear–the time is now! Get set for the most spectacular and celestial adventure of all time as Mary, Joseph, and a few simple shepherds in Bethlehem encounter the wonder of the Fear Not Factor! The most epic event of all time has...
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