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How much do you love going to the amusement park? The roller coasters, cotton candy, and arcades are some of the best fun of the whole summer. But what if you could go have fun and help other kids like you who are really sick?  Give Kids ...
The other day I was at the park with my nephews and we found a painted rock hidden on a statue, and we didn’t even know what it was. I did a little Googling later, and turns out that painting rocks and hiding them is a new game lots of peo...
It's better late than never, and I finally got my very own fidget spinner! I just got mine from a bank over the weekend, and it pretty fun! I brought it to Keys for Kids Radio and tried spinning it on a bunch of stuff in the radio studio, li...
Have you gone to VBS yet this summer? We've been playing some fun new VBS music on Keys for Kids Radio! Check out "Over the Moon" from Lifeway's Galactic Starveyors VBS. You're gonna love it!
Have you heard of the Google Home speaker? It’s like the Amazon Echo, it's a little speaker that listens for you to give it voice commands, and then it'll do what you tell it to do. For example, maybe you want to find out more abou...
I know it’s only July, but think about Christmas for a second (a really fun thought, right?). Did anyone in your family get a new tech toy, like an iPad or Kindle Fire, and they just did not know what to do with it? According to a sur...
Fidget spinners have been pretty popular for a while, so it’s just about time for them to get better or else people are gonna lose interest. According to PR Web, there’s another new spinner that grabs a lot of the fun stuff from fidg...
Can you guess what color is the most popular for pet stuff? You know, like leashes, pet carriers, brushes, that sort of thing. According to PRWeb, it’s violet, which is a mix of blue and purple. The company Sleepypod makes a lot of pet stu...
We've been playing new music from Amber Sky Records this month on Keys for Kids Radio! Check out the title song from their album "At The Top Of My Lungs." 
Happy, happy birthday to Seeds Family Worship!  They turned 13 years old this week!  We are so thankful for all the great scripture songs that they produce and we can share with you all.  We are planting God's Word in hearts a...
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