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Tune in today as we have a fun visit with the African Children's Choir at Keys for Kids Radio!  Their energy is contagious and will make you smile and maybe even sing a little.  You'll want to meet these incredible kids wh...
We're so excited to have the African Children's Choir with us at Keys for Kids Radio today! Listen all day long for interviews with some of the kids and songs from the choir. Check out some pics right here from the day! We had a lot of fun...
The African Children's Choir travels all over the world singing and shining Christ's light while they share the needs of their countries.  And they're stopping by TOMORROW on Keys for Kids Radio!  You won't want to...
Did you know? The African Children's Choir raises support not only for the kids in the choir but for many of their friends back home. The African Children's Choir and Music for Life works in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, South Afr...
Do you get much exercise everyday? Maybe you don’t think about it much, but just running around and playing with your friends is a pretty good way to get exercise, and that’s important to be healthy. Exercise doesn’t have ...
Check out a brand new song from Slugs and Bugs!  
Me: "Jimmy why is there mud on your face?" Jimmy: "I don't know." Nick: "I know! He ate mud." Jimmy: "No! I ate snow and it had mud in it."
Nick has been praying for more snow all morning... Me: "Nick, it seems like maybe someone else is praying that it will stop snowing because it keeps starting and stopping." Nick: [pause] "Yeah... Dear God, please make it kee...
Ever heard of The Famous Wodfamchocsod of Whit's End? It's a super special drink at Whit's End in Adventures in Odyssey. If you've ever craved chocolate but been really thirsty at the same time, this is the drink for you! Check o...
So we're about to celebrate New Year's Day in just a few days here in the United States, but what was New Year's like in the Bible? In the Old Testament, God told the Israelites to celebrate certain festivals throughout the year, and o...
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