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On what we now call Easter weekend, but 2000 years ago, Jesus died on the cross and was buried on Friday, and rose again on Sunday. But today, on Saturday, what do you think the disciples thinking? After all, their leader and friend wa...
Have you ever wondered why Good Friday is called ‘good’? I mean, it was pretty terrible for Jesus; He was beaten, tortured, and put on the cross to die. It sounds awful!  Good Friday is part of the most important weekend ...
Alive City is a new band to Keys for Kids Radio, so I thought it'd be cool to get to know them. We're playing their single "Say", and you can see the music video for it below. Check out the other videos and find out more about our n...
Did you hear of the time when the Israelites had to put lamb’s blood on their doors? That was back when they were slaves in Egypt, and God was about to send the final plague to punish Pharaoh and convince him to let Israel be fre...
Have you heard? The Brinkman Adventures just released Season 5, "A Mysterious Call", and it's playing now on Keys for Kids Radio! In this season, The Tanzanian mafia gets more than it bargained for when it captures Michelle and Ant...
If you love to make up stories, I’ve got the perfect contest for you. Audio Scripture Ministries wants you to write a story about who you would want to give an audio Bible to. If you win the contest, you’ll become the “Sto...
We are excited to share with you a brand new album from Austin Stone Worship Kids called "Only Jesus" starting this week!  This album has great worship songs that not only have great lyrics but are great for the whole family to listen ...
Uncle Charlie had a great puppet show for the African Children's Choir, all about why God's power is important in the life of a Christian. Check it!
What a great time to have the African Children's Choir at Keys for Kids Radio! Enjoy another song from the choir, and hear from Gloria what she thinks of being in the United States.  ///Dylan
Last Friday Keys for Kids Radio had the amazing chance to host the African Children's Choir at our office for a few hours. They sang some song and a few kids told us all about being on tour in America! It was a blast, and I want to share a video ...
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