Two Year Old Says NO to Sharing

My son Tucker is about two-and-a-half-years-old now and he always asks me to play with him as soon as I get home, and I love to play with him.

But the funny thing is, once we’ve started playing with his blocks or trucks, he’ll often come take whatever toy I’ve got and start playing with it himself. Then when I choose another toy, he loses interest in the toy he’s got and takes my new one!

I get it, he’s only two, he’s still learning to share and that’s what we’re teaching him. But it’s something that not just two-year-olds need to learn—learning to be generous is something you’ll grow in your whole life.

But why should we be generous? Doesn’t it seem a lot better to you to just take and keep as much stuff as you can?

Find out why generosity is important:

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