Keys for Kids Radio

With the uncertain time we're living in, I'm glad that Keys for Kids Radio can be a part of your life providing positive music and encouraging stories. 

I'm really grateful that you're choosing to listen to Keys for Kids Radio, and you may be running into issues with the live stream stopping by itself in the middle of a song or program. I'm really sorry that's happening!

[As a side note, I've found that listening to the live stream on the smartphone app has been more reliable than listening through a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.]

The reason why it's happening has two parts: the first part is that since so many people are using the Internet to keep busy and to connect with each other. You might be even be doing school or talking with your family over Zoom or FaceTime yourself!

With so much more Internet usage, there's less bandwidth to access the Keys for Kids Radio live stream. It's kinda like the roads are filled up with more cars, and all those cars are people trying to watch videos, get on Facebook, or play online games. Even mega huge websites like YouTube and Netflix are playing smaller sized videos for their viewers just so they can watch at all.

The second part is similar to the first, but smaller and more specific to the Keys for Kids Radio studio. Right now, I'm one of few people coming into the studio to keep Keys for Kids Radio running, and the rest of my coworkers are working from home. But they still need to access files and databases and all kinds of things on our computers in the office, which they can do through the Internet thankfully.

But with all our staff using the Internet connection to the office to get to their files, there's sometimes not enough bandwidth for the Keys for Kids Radio live stream to get out and to you through our website, app, Amazon Alexa, or whatever service you might be using. It's like our own road to the Internet is a lot more full with cars, and the car carrying Keys for Kids Radio gets stuck in traffic.

Again, I'm sorry that this has caused problems with listening to Keys for Kids Radio. We have upgraded our Internet connection, replaced the computer that sends out the live stream, and we're continuing to search for the source of the problem.

I hope you'll continue to be patient with us as we work on this issue and continue to listen!

Thanks, Dylan