Some Kids Need Your Help to Go Back to School

What's the best part about going back to school? For me, one of the most exciting things is getting a backpack or maybe some new shoes for the new school year. But according to News USA, a lot of kids in the United States and in other places can’t afford to get the stuff they need to go to school. 

Two kids posing with their new backpacks outsideTwo kids posing with their new backpacks outside

There are some great people helping them: one charity is called Running Strong for American Indian Youth. They especially help kids on Indian reservations in the United States because they see the great need the communities there have. They've donated basic school stuff like notebooks and pencils to over 3,000 kids in just one year, and many kids have been able to go to school with the right stuff because of them.

Another group, Americans Helping Americans, donated shoes to over a thousand kids so they could walk around safely. Sometimes you don't think about shoes being a part of your school supplies, but just think about all the stuff you could step on if you don't have any shoes: sharp rocks, hot concrete, and even glass or nails sometimes. Shoes are twice as important for kids who have to walk to school, so without good shoes, a lot of kids would miss out.

So if your family can afford to buy you school supplies, be happy and grateful! And maybe you can donate to a local charity who helps kids get school supplies who need it too.

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