Love Always Hopes – Love Does Giveaway!

1 Corinthians 13:7 “[Love] always hopes…”

Think about a time when you disobeyed your parents. They found out and disciplined you to help you learn to do the right thing in the future. Although they may have been disappointed in your actions at the time, they still hope that you can obey better going forward.

Hope is a part of love. You can show love to someone by hoping that they will become a better follower of Jesus, a better student, or better at whatever they need to improve at. This kind of hoping isn’t just sitting around and waiting for them to do it on their own though either. You can hope and help them get better.

That’s not the only way that hope and love work together either. Jesus is described as our “hope” (like in 1 Timothy 1:1). He loved us so much that He died for us, and His forgiveness gives us a hope that we can be confident in, that we’re a part of His family now and will be with Him in heaven one day.

So how can you show love to someone through hope? 

One way, for example, is if there’s a kid at school who’s always mean to you, you can hope that they’ll start being nice instead. 

And remember, this kind of hope is an action too, so you can pray for the other kid and be nice to them even when they’re mean to you.

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