• Greg Kisses a Pig! Plus See the Baby Calf!

Hey, it's Week of Giving, and we've had a lot of fun hearing from you about the ways that Keys for Kids Radio has made a difference in your life.

To celebrate the first day of Week of Giving, Greg 'The Boss' Yoder kissed a pig! He and I (Dylan) visited the Critter Barn in Zeeland, Michigan, where Mary Rottschafer gave us a tour of the farm.

Wasn't that gross? I thought it was funny how the pig kept trying to walk away from Greg and he had to scoot on the ground to stay with it.

Greg and I also got to see a bunch of the animals that Mary and her team takes care of at the Critter Barn. A lot of kids visit the farm and get to learn about God's creatures!

Can you believe how fast that brown cow came running at us? I thought it was gonna bust through the fence! We also got to see a bunch more animals, check it out:

You know, I've never lived on a farm, but I never realized sheep would get so dirty!

There were a lot of different kinds of chickens on the farm

This is a turkey, even though it looks more like a chicken to me!

This isn't the pig that Greg kissed, but she does tricks and has a 'pig dance' :)

Pygmy and Nigerian goats. These were definitely my favorites

I don't know why, but goats love to climb on things. Do you think you can climb as well as them?

THIS is the pig that Greg kissed. She's a pot-bellied pig and very sweet.

The baby calf! She jumped around a lot, and Mary had a hard time keeping her sitting still

This donkey was very nice, but when I tried to pet its nose, it tried to eat my hand! Actually, I think it was just looking for some food :)

Look at this goat! No ears! At least, very small ears. Mary told us that this is probably the kind of goat that Jesus would have grown up with.