• Got an Amazon Echo? Try This!

Does your family have an Amazon Echo, you know, so you can talk to Alexa? I’ve got something new for you to try. 

Ask Alexa this: “Alexa, enable Keys for Kids 60.” 

Or, follow the pictures below on the Alexa app on your parent's smartphone:

Go to "Skills" in the menu, and search "Keys for Kids". Look for the blue Keys for Kids 60 logo and tap on that.

Search for "Keys for Kids" in the Alexa app

Then just tap the "Enable" button, and Alexa will add it to your daily Flash Briefing! Then when you want to hear it, ask for Alexa to play your Flash Briefing.

Tap the "enable" button to add Keys for Kids 60 to your Flash Briefing

Now, this isn’t a Skill, this is a Flash Briefing so you can wake up and spend a minute with God right away every day!

Don’t worry, we’re looking forward to having a Keys for Kids Skill to listen to the whole story when you want it, and a Skill to listen to Keys for Kids Radio too! Those just take more time, so we’re still working on them.

Also, for Mom and Dad, we're launching a Parent Minute Flash Briefing too! It's a minute of parenting advice every day from our executive director Greg Yoder. Coming soon!

[Update!] The Keys for Kids Parent Minute Flash Briefing is now live! Search "Keys for Kids Parent Minute" to add it to your Mom and Dad's daily Flash Briefing for a minute of parenting ideas from another parent like your own.