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Study, Study, Study You know, it's important to study the Bible. That way you can know what God says and how He wants you to live. But, the Bible is a big book, and it can seem like a lot to try. I've got some tips here to make it a little...
One year ago today, I started on a journey that I wasn’t sure about. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to come to Keys for Kids Ministries. But, let's face it, it's not the expected path for a missions-minded veteran journalist, is it?&n...
Here's a Question about the Bible for you: Why did God put scary stories in the Bible? One reason: The Bible is filled with stories, and a lot of them are happy and amazing stories too. They're true stories about real people who lived and ...
Countdown to #BibleTriviaFriday! It's a super tough one today, so listen here in about a half hour to try and solve it!
Mom: "Davey, will you turn the hose on just a little trickle and set it next to my dogwood tree?" Next time she looked, the hose was on a little trickle and sitting next to the dog.
Grab your Bible and ask for your parent's phone, it's time to play some trivia! This week's question: What did God tell Moses to throw in the water at Marah? Your hint? You can find this story in Exodus 15. Call in today with the right...
Sometimes I struggle to understand the Bible, and I have questions about it, so today I've got a question that maybe you've asked too.  When people say that the Bible is "inspired" by God, what do they mean? God didn't s...
On what the kids learned in Sunday school... Nick: "I learned that Isaiah is twenty seven hundred years old."Mom: "Oh yeah? When he died?"Nick: "I think he's still alive."
Davey noticed a stink bug on the rim of my water cup so he picked it off (with his bare hands). Davey: "There. I got it off....... now you can drink out of your cup........ well one of his legs is still on there........ you can drink out of the...
We got mentioned in the news! Check out the article about Keys for Kids Radio published by Mission Network News!
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