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In the summer, one of the most fun things to do is camping!!!! The great outdoors, the fresh air....so much fun! Right? One of my favorite camping activities is sitting by the fire Or maybe you’re not so into camping, you like being at ho...
Did you know that Jesus like way better than Superman, Iron Man, Batman and whatever other superheroes, all combined?  Whatever cool stuff they do is pretty much nothing compared to what Jesus has done! Like the story from John 6, when Jes...
So, cats vs dogs, which one do you like better as a pet? Personally, I come down on the side of cats. My cat Simba is obviously the most adorable animal on earth! (Right?) My cat, Simba. He picked up a few fluffies from rolling around in t...
Love this!  Are you seeking after God today?     Taken from the curriculum series on the life of David from Christian Ministry Deals.
It’s pretty cool to have something that you love to do. I like to take pictures and hang out with you here on Keys for Kids Radio. Twin sisters Lilly and Audrey LOVE to cook, they’d probably spend all day in the kitchen if they could! ...
So, the World Cup is finally over. That was a lot of soccer! If you’ve ever watched a soccer game where the announcers spoke Spanish, do you remember what happens when a team scores a goal? "GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!&quo...
Here is a playlist of some of the best VBS songs around.  You can't go wrong with these any day of the week.  And, they are always a blast to listen to!  Lovin' us some Vacation Bible School! ;
Adventures in Odyssey has a contest for you! They want to see what fun stuff you’re doing this summer. Tag them in a picture with you and some Adventures in Odyssey fun, and you could win a prize from them! This is a contest on Facebook, ...
  Happy Wednesday from Keys for Kids Radio and our friends at Clubhouse Magazine!    
I love making stuff with my hands, like crafts and things, so I found a fun way to make slime at home!  This one is pretty easy. All you’ll need is dish soap, toothpaste, and some salt. The salt makes it more flubbery. Mix ...
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