• Meet a Key Biter: Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth.

She is one of the kids who comes in to record for Keys for Kids Radio.  She likes how God is always full of surprises! No matter what we do, there as always more to learn about Him. Here are some fun facts to get to know her:

Her favorite animal is a grey wolf! She likes the interesting way which it lives in its habitat and also just likes the way it looks.

A grey wolf mother with her pup

She also really likes ancient history.  Because of that, if she gets the chance, she wants to visit places like Europe and the Middle East to see those places where those events took place. One city she specifically mentioned was Rome as being a cool place to visit.

A wide angle shot of the arena of the Coliseum in Rome


She likes to sing, play piano, and dance.  She is even taking ballet classes!

A dramatic picture of a ballet dancer's feet