• Lemon Dad Helps His Daughter

Lemon Dad Helps His Daughter

Has anyone in your family been born with heart disease, or maybe they got really sick when they were little? 

Kennedy Snyder was only two years old when her family found out she had cancer in her spine! She was only supposed to live until she was 7 years old. She's 16 now, and she still has cancer, but she hasn't had to do chemotherapy for the past few years, so she's been able to do a lot more stuff. (Chemotherapy is a way to get better from cancer, but it also makes you sick.) 

Kennedy's dad, Jeff, wants to find a cure for his daughter, so he put on a lemon suit! He started a charity called Warriors for a Cure, which raises money to help scientists find a cure for cancer. They teamed up with Alex’s Lemonade Stand, another charity started by a kid with cancer. You need lemons to make lemonade, so Jeff put on the lemon suit! It makes people ask questions so he can tell them about what he’s doing and so they'll get involved too.

He wears the suit when he runs races and to other events with his daughter. She says, "My dad is awesome. I think it's hilarious how he runs around in a lemon suit all day, trying to get money and take pictures with people. I think it's so funny." Pray that one day scientists can cure cancer, thanks to help from people like Kennedy and her dad!


Thanks to Hooplaha for the pictures, video, and story.