• Hockey Player for a Day

Hockey Player for a Day

When you grow up, do you want to play baseball or basketball for a living? That's a big goal, but maybe can do it if you work hard. Or, maybe you could just win a sweepstakes!

One guy got to be a professional hockey player…but for just one day! The Bruins hockey team from New England held a contest to pick one fan to be a ‘player for a day’. The winner, Mark Karolkiewicz, signed a contract just like a new player would, he got his own team jersey, and he even went to a team practice and a pre-game. At the end of the day he even got the best rinkside seats to watch the game. His dad said, “It’s an unbelievable experience...to be a Bruin for a day is a dream come true.” 

If you could be on a pro sports team for one day, what team would you pick? Give me a call and let me know: 800-819-5437.


Thanks to Hooplaha for the story and pics.