• Living Room Skee Ball!

Living Room Skee Ball!

Imagine this: you're at Chuck E Cheese, having a great time playing the games, but now it's time to go and you don't want to stop playing! Don't worry, you can build your own skee ball game right in your living room. Thanks to Sarah at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls for the idea and pics!

You'll need a couple things:

1 big box (in this example, it was a big box of diapers :)

2 cereal boxes

Small balls. These could be tennis balls, bouncy balls, plastic balls, any ball that's not too heavy and fits in your hand.

Duct tape


2 laundry baskets (no smelly clothes please!)

Some paper and a marker

Mom or Dad's permission! :) 

The Ramp

Once you've got your supplies, cut the top flaps and one end off your big box. Take the cereal boxes apart so they're both long rectangles of cardboard, and tape them into the big box to form a ramp. Tape the first one from the top of the end that's still there to the bottom of the end that you cut out, like so:

Scoring points

This is where the laundry baskets come in. Write '50' on a piece of paper with the marker and tape it on one basket. Write '100' on another piece of paper and tape that to the other basket. Then line them up with your new skee ball ramp, with the 50 basket in front of the 100 basket. Whenever you make a ball into the 50, you get 50 points, and same with the 100!

Have fun! And help your parents by making sure your skee balls don't go flying all around the house ;)