• 6 Weird Facts to Blow Your Mind

6 Weird Facts to Blow Your Mind

Do you get a little bored sometimes, and think you've seen everything interesting there is? Don't worry, there's a lot of weird and nutty things in God's creation!


1. Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, NEVER called his wife or mother on the phone. Why? They're both deaf. Mr. Bell's invention was actually a side project from what he considered his real research, how to help deaf people regain their hearing, and that research was inspired by his wife and mother.

2. Did you know that ice worms are a real thing? They're not actually made of ice; they live in glaciers and other really cold places. They have to stay there because if they warm up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they'll melt! They even avoid bright sunny days on the glacier, just to be careful.

3. A (possibly new) species of spider builds decoy--fake--spiders to scare away predators! This relatively small spider uses bits of plants, web, and other things it finds to make decoys with.

4. There's a flock of chickens living under a freeway in Hollywood, California. This flock has been around since the 1970s, and nobody knows how it got there for sure. A popular theory is that a truck carrying cages of chickens crashed near there, and the original flock made a daring escape and established a colony. Some people have tried to capture and relocate the birds to a farm, but at least a few chickens manage to stay under the freeway and breed a new flock. 

5. In Australia, the government doesn't allow TV stations to play any ads on Christmas Day, Easter, or Good Friday. That would make for a much more enjoyable TV watching marathon!

6. Hikers climbing Britain's highest mountain once found a piano near the very top! How did the instrument get 4,400 feet up the mountain? No one knows. The only clue they found was a biscuit wrapper with a 'best by' date of 1986, so it had been up there for 20 years when they found it in 2006. 

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Thanks to Weird Facts for collecting these weird facts, and Wikipedia, Alaska Centers, Wired, Librestock, and the Guardian for verification and the pics!