• A House of Cards, Built on a Spinning Washing Machine!

A House of Cards, Built on a Spinning Washing Machine!

Have you ever tried to build a house out of playing cards? Maybe not a real house, but just in your living room with a few decks of cards. I have a lot of fun trying to build the biggest house of cards as I can too, but it’s tough. After all, how do you get them to stay standing up and put more and more on top?

One of the best card stackers in the world is Bryan Berg from Iowa. (I'm from Iowa too!) If you thought building just a regular house of cards was hard, he built a huge tower over 10 feet tall on top of a washing machine while it was doing laundry!

LG, the company who made the washing machine, asked him to build the tower to show off how little it moves around and makes noise. The goal was to build a tower 20 stories tall in 12 hours, to set a new world record. He built it more than twice as high, with 48 stories, and he used 200 decks and 10,800 cards. He definitely knocked his goal out of the park! 

Bryan has also built the world's tallest card tower, which was almost 26 feet tall, and the world's largest card structure, which was 34 feet long and 9 feet tall. Awesome!


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