• Have a Broken Tablet Screen? Good News for You!

Have a Broken Tablet Screen? Good News for You!

Have you ever accidentally dropped your tablet or your mom’s phone, and the screen shattered into a bunch of tiny slivers? That can cost a lot of money to fix, or if you don’t fix it, you might cut your fingers on the pieces. Ouch!

But what if you broke the screen, and then the next day you woke up and the screen had healed itself? That would be awesome! There's a team of researchers from the University of California Riverside that are working to create that for you. They are inventing a new material for touchscreens that will fix cracked screens on its own, just with a little time. 

Dr. Chao Wang, the leader of the project, said he got the idea from his favorite superhero, "When I was young, my idol was Wolverine from the X-Men. He could save the world, but only because he could heal himself. A self-healing material, when carved into two parts, can go back together like nothing has happened, just like our human skin." 

The new material still has some problems to be worked out. It's not strong enough to use every day yet, and if it gets wet, even from humidity, the screen will stop working. But Dr. Wang is still confident that screens that fix themselves will be available even within the next three years!


Source: Dogo News