• Turn Your Arm into a Touchscreen

Turn Your Arm into a Touchscreen

How cool would it be to play games on a tablet by just thinking about what you want to do? You know, control the game with your mind? You can get one step closer to that with SkinTrack, a little ring you put on your finger and it can track your finger moving around on your skin. Right now, you can control a smartwatch just by using the skin on your arm like a touch screen. So open up your apps, play Angry Birds, get maps, all by tapping and rubbing your arm! 

Hopefully you can use SkinTrack with a tablet sometime in the future too. Then you can set up your tablet on a stand and type and swipe on your arm to do what you want. Or you open up a doodle app and draw over your pictures using your arm. That'd be cool!

Right now, two of the biggest challenges with using SkinTrack is that the power runs out on the battery pretty quickly. After all, how much battery space can you put in a piece of jewelry? Also, if you use it a lot at once and your arm gets a little sweaty, the ring has a hard time figuring what you're doing and what your sweat is doing. Stinky!


Source: Dogo News and Future Interfaces Group