• No More Plastic Bottles - Just Eat This Water Bubble

No More Plastic Bottles - Just Eat This Water Bubble

Have you ever thrown a water bottle in the trash, and your mom told you to recycle it instead? If a plastic bottle goes to the garbage dump, it’s just gonna sit there for a thousand years and pollute the ground. To solve this problem, some scientists at the Imperial College London created edible water bubbles!

The Ooho edible water bubble looks like a water balloon, but without the balloon; it's just a round ball of water. It’s held together by a gel made from calcium and brown algae. Sounds gross, right? It actually doesn't have any taste at all. The cool part about it is the gel can be flavored and colored! Just pop the whole thing into your mouth. Bubble gum water anyone?

The Ooho doesn't create any trash, and it's actually cheaper to make than a plastic bottle would be. Right now, the biggest problems facing the bubble is that one bubble doesn't hold as much water as a bottle, and it could be hard for people to get used to the idea of drinking water like this. And even though the bubbles themselves don't create any trash, the scientists still have to figure out a container to hold many bubbles that keeps them clean and is also safe for the environment. 


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