• Why Are These Crocodiles Chomping Down On Veggies?

Why Are These Crocodiles Chomping Down On Veggies?

What do you think a crocodile eats? Meat, right? Like fish, maybe a few birds they can catch from the water. Not exactly the type of creatures you'd expect chow down on leafy greens and peas and carrots. You'd be surprised to hear about these crocs from Africa!

There’s a group of 164,000 crocodiles in Zimbabwe that don’t eat any meat at all! They actually became vegetarians by accident. They live on the Nyanyana crocodile farm, and a few years ago the farm couldn’t afford to buy enough meat for their food. So as a last resort, they switched the crocs' meals to half meat and half veggies to save money and keep them fed. After awhile, the farm workers noticed that having veggies in the food didn't seem to keep the crocodiles from growing, so they eventually switched to feeding them a mix of vitamins, minerals, protein, and maize (that's sort of like corn).

If you check out the pictures, those veggies sure don't look too tasty to us, does it? But the crocs don't mind!

The owners of the farm say that the new diet has been good for the crocs, and there have been some other good side effects too: the crocodiles seem to sleep more during the day, so it's safer for workers to clean up after them. If you've ever had trouble eating your own vegetables, just remember some of the biggest, strongest animals on earth are eating them too!


Thanks to Dogo News for the story and pics and CGTN for the video.