• 4 Year Old Sleep-Walks 3 Miles!

4 Year Old Sleep-Walks 3 Miles!

One night I had a really bad dream, and it seemed so real that I had to go walk around the house to make sure everything was okay. What do you do when you have a bad dream? Maybe you go find mom and dad and they help you feel better. 

Thea Robertsen from Norway did something a little different. First of all, she didn’t actually wake up from her bad dream, but she put on her shoes, unlocked the front door, and walked THREE miles in her sleep to the next town over!

Thea and her siblings were spending time with their aunt while their mom went on a long trip. It was a very cold and stormy weekend, so you would think that everyone would want to stay inside under a blanket where it's nice and warm, right? Not so much for Thea. Because of her dream, she thought she had to get out of the house, and she just kept going and going from the town of Nordkappveien to Hjellplassen, three miles and even an underground tunnel away! Somehow, she managed to walk that far safely, even staying to the side of the road to keep away from cars. 

Her aunt Kristine didn't find out anything was wrong until she was woken up by a phone call from the police, asking if she knew where Thea was. Turns out, she was found just a little bit earlier by a man on his way to work. She was fine and not too scared, and even though she had no idea what happened, she did know how to call her aunt, and went right back to her family. You can be sure they're keeping a little closer eye on her now!


Thanks to Dogo News for the story and pics.