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Kids with Kuri
Have you ever wanted your own personal robot? There's some pretty cool ones out there, and one of the newest and coolest is the Kuri! Check out some of the fun stuff you can do with it in the video --> ///Dylan Thanks to Mayfield Electronics for the video!
Flower Shirt Craft
Want to have a little fun today? How about creating your own flower garden t-shirt? Ask for Mom or Dad's help, then start gathering your craft supplies: What You Need 1 (or more) bell peppers 2-3 fabric paint colors A plain t-shirt, any color where the paint will be easy to see Wh...
Outer Space!
What do you think is in outer space? There’s asteroids, other planets, stars, maybe aliens? Okay, probably not aliens! But there are some pretty interesting things that are out in space: Space is completely silent Sounds need air to travel through, but since there’s no air in space...
New Song with the African Children's Choir
Want to learn a new song, one that's in a completely different language from English? Then you'll like this song from the African Children's Choir. Plus, listen to Kevin and why he's excited about being in the United States on tour. ///Dylan
Help People, Help the World
It’s not always easy to know the best way to solve a problem, but sometimes it’s easier to solve two problems at the same time. In the Bible, God tells Christians to take care of the people He’s created and to take care of the world He’s created. Usually those two things...
Puppet Show! Uncle Charlie and the ACC
Uncle Charlie had a great puppet show for the African Children's Choir, all about why God's power is important in the life of a Christian. Check it!
Happy Hospitals
Have you ever had to go the hospital to visit someone? It's not exactly the most fun and comfortable place to be. People your age especially have a hard time, so Leanne Joyce decided to do something about it. When she was twelve, she had to go and found out there were problems with her...
Valentine's Coloring Page!
Welcome to the Keys for Kids Valentine’s Day party! 1 Corinthians 13 says, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.” Do you show love to your family and friends? You can be patient when your sister asks lots of questions, you can be...
Amazing Grace - African Children's Choir
What a great time to have the African Children's Choir at Keys for Kids Radio! Enjoy another song from the choir, and hear from Gloria what she thinks of being in the United States.  ///Dylan
Sing and Dance with the African Children's Choir
Last Friday Keys for Kids Radio had the amazing chance to host the African Children's Choir at our office for a few hours. They sang some song and a few kids told us all about being on tour in America! It was a blast, and I want to share a video and an interview with you. Check it out! ///Dyl...
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