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Emojis: Good, Bad, and Funny
Emojis: little faces that make a big difference in how people read your messages. Some researchers studied how emojis are used in 212 countries, and they found 6 surprising things about how we use emojis and what that says about us:  ...
Get to School in Style
Are you tired of taking the bus to school? Imagine the future: fly there in a self-piloting drone! The Ehang 184 will be first passenger drone, coming to the city of Dubai this summer. You can ask for a flying taxi at a launchpad and tap your de...
Bye Bye Bao Bao
Bao Bao is famous for being one of the few pandas born in US, but now she's going to live in China to help make more baby pandas. That's important because pandas are a threatened species, which means there aren’t many left in ...
The Wag Brigade!
Have you ever been nervous or even scared about flying? I understand, I've flown some too, and the feeling of getting pushed back in your seat when the plane takes off is weird. Plus, the airport. So many people! And it's so big! If you vi...
Living Room Skee Ball!
Imagine this: you're at Chuck E Cheese, having a great time playing the games, but now it's time to go and you don't want to stop playing! Don't worry, you can build your own skee ball game right in your living room. Thanks to Sa...
Boaty McBoatface
Last year, the British government asked people to vote on a name for their new science ship. The winning name was ‘Boaty McBoatface’, but the government decided that was a little too silly for a ship. But the ship has a little y...
Moses: Scared, but Obedient
Imagine going up to the biggest, meanest kid you know, and telling them that what they’re doing is wrong. That would be pretty scary, wouldn't it? It's exactly what Moses did when he told Pharaoh to let the Israelites (the people God ch...
New Brinkman Adventures!
Have you heard? The Brinkman Adventures just released Season 5, "A Mysterious Call", and it's playing now on Keys for Kids Radio! In this season, The Tanzanian mafia gets more than it bargained for when it captures Michelle and Ant...
Happy Cat Cafe
Do you really want a pet, but you can't have one? Maybe your sister's got allergies, you live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, or maybe you're just a little to young to handle one yet. That's all okay, because now you can ...
A Toadly Top Hat
Do you like playing dress up, putting on silly clothes and checking them out in the mirror? Have you ever tried dressing up your cat or dog too? That doesn't work quite as well. Well, this one guy found a toad just hanging out on his porch and he...
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