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Want to Learn Science? Just Play This Fun Game!
Do you get bored with school sometimes? Maybe you don’t think what you’re learning is important or interesting. Then you would love to meet Mr. Hebert, a middle school science teacher in Alberta, Canada.  His class is a l...
Bored? Score the most points with paper airplanes!
If you're looking for a new game, I've got a fun project for you today: make paper airplanes and then try to beat your brothers and sisters by scoring the most points by landing them in baskets. Making paper airplanes can be a bit tricky...
Hate Folding Laundry? You'll Love This Robot!
Raise your hand if you love to fold laundry! What, no hands? Well, maybe you did raise your hand, but I’m gonna guess most people don’t like doing that chore, like myself. It's just not something that exactly fills you up with ex...
Gideon Was Just Like You
In the book of Judges, Israel was invaded by the Midianites as discipline for disobeying God. (The Israelites disobeyed God a lot in Judges, and He often used other nations to show them they need to worship only Him.) The Bible says they cried o...
The Plane That Never Stops! (Almost)
Have you ever been on a really long trip, maybe driving across the country, maybe flying to another country? Even traveling for a few hours can feel like it’ll never end!  But how would you feel if you had to fly for two weeks ...
Bet You've Never Head of These Characters!
There are a ton of amazing, crazy, miraculous, and stupendous stories in the Bible, with hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of characters! (I'm not 100% sure about the thousands part, but maybe!) You learn a lot of these stories in Sunday school, like Jonah...
Elementary Age Girl Wins Lots of Legos!
.Have you ever won a prize from a contest before? I think that some of the most fun ones are where you get to make something. What kind of things do you like to make? Tia Loewen from Canada entered a Lego building contest put on by the company...
Why Are These Crocodiles Chomping Down On Veggies?
What do you think a crocodile eats? Meat, right? Like fish, maybe a few birds they can catch from the water. Not exactly the type of creatures you'd expect chow down on leafy greens and peas and carrots. You'd be surprised to hear about these...
Careful With Your Drone, It Might Become An Eagle Snack!
Drones are really fun to fly around, but did you know you can’t fly them just anywhere? Some people don’t obey the rules about where they can fly them, and it’s a big problem. For example, some pilots made videos of wildfires i...
Manna and Quail Coloring and Maze!
I've got some coloring pages and a maze to go along with today's Bible Trivia question. Enjoy! ///Dylan
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