Delight Your Kids with the Super Hero Club!

Point your children to Jesus with monthly resources

Many times you have talked about things that my husband and I have been trying to teach at home.  It’s always nice to have another voice to reinforce the things we are teaching at home from God’s word. – Sharica, mother

Ignite a passion for Christ in your kids through monthly downloads from Keys for Kids Radio. Use these materials to teach your kids with content they will love:

  • Coloring pages from the Pond
  • Free episodes of Down Gilead Lane and Red Rock Mysteries
  • Bonus activities and crafts from the Keys for Kids devotional
  • More from our friends at Kids Corner, Jungle Jam and Friends, and our other programs

The Super Hero Club is how we thank our donors who have made the awesome decision to support Keys for Kids Radio with $5 or more every month. Your gift is so valuable to us, we just can’t help but give back!