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Try holding back the giggles as your friends at the Pond take you on adventures and everyday challenges with a smile.

Each episode applies solid, biblically-based truths to life lessons that build character in your kids and provide more than a splash of humor along the way from a crew building lifelong friendships on the Life at the Pond radio show. 

Find out what life's like at the Pond as Bill the Duck, Tony the Frog, and the rest of the Pond crew navigate life and learn valuable lessons about faith and friendship.

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List of Life at the Pond audio episodes

A Good Friend

Jake the Mailman is excited to find out this Pond story is about him! His first lead in a story. We learn about his early years at the Pond and how he tried to make friends without being a friend first.
Angels Watching Over Me When Methuselah the alligator leaves town, all the creatures become afraid of the dark. Eventually they meet a tiny creture who has no fear - as she has put her trust in God. This episode includes the song "Angels Watching Over Me."
Be Nice to Your Sister Tony the frog is in charge of his sister and he loses her! He bumps his head and is taken forward in time, seeing how his sister could turn out if he isn't a good big brother.
Bible Jeopardy The creatures at the Pond get involved in serious competition - Bible Jeopardy. It's a fun, fast-paced episode where kids actually learn about Scripture.
Broken Toys The annual carnival comes to town and there are jobs for everyone! But Floyd gets the rather lousy job of sweeping up. He discovers that it's because he's so distructive with his own toys. The Pond dvd The Little Things is based upon this radio episode.
By Invitation Only Bill the duck starts to worry that he isn't invited to everything. And in one of those only-in-the-pond happenings, Bill suddenly gets invited to absolutely every event. And his mornings, days and evenings become one obligation after another. Turns out, being invited to everything isn't good.
Can't Have Everything Bill the duck never spends money. Then one day, he does and discovers he likes it. Suddenly he's buying everything in sight and his friends can't find him. They set out to track him down and help him overcome his addiction.
Careless Floyd Floyd plays rough. One day, the others warn him to take it easier or someone will get hurt. Well, somebody does.
Chocolate for Life A radio station gives clues to the location of the golden ping pong ball. Each of the creatures set out to find it. But unless they work together, they have no hope.
Christmas Ants, Part 1 Methuselah tells a Christmas story - about the ants who were preparing for the coming Messiah on the first Christmas day.
Christmas Ants, Part 2 This the second part of Christmas Ants, as Methuselah tells the story of the ants on the manger.
Complainer Bill the duck is complaining about everything. Suddenly, he starts to get smaller. He's about the size of a fly when he realizes he shrinks every time he complains.
Consequences Tony the frog escapes the consequences of his actions. But then he must deal with the question: Is that right? Tony not only confesses, he actually insists on the consequences. Go figure.
Cooking Lessons Bill the duck takes cooking lessons. While his friends enjoy the gourmet food, they suddenly realize everybody's getting larger.
Disappearing Tony Tony the frog gets his friends to help out - and pushes them way too hard. Eventually, they stop listening to him and it's like he disappeared. Really!
Don't Be Late When Tony the frog is late, everything goes wrong. Even the Mayor of the Pond is fired in this crazy episode.
Eat Your Food Floyd the turtle is very negative about foods he doesn't like. Suddenly he can't taste. Then no one can taste. And it's all his fault.
Everybody's Friend A mysterious fox comes to town and everybody wants to be his best friend. But, it turns out, that isn't such a good idea.
Everything You Hear You've heard it said from Mom and Dad a thousand times: Don't believe everything you hear. Well, the Pond creatures find this out the hard way when a con man gets them all working for him.
Exchange Student When Bill the duck gets an exchange student - a creature from a far away land, nobody really likes him much. He's odd. Different. And, they assume, not too bright. But they find out, once his language is translated, that he's brilliant. And quite likable.
Fear of Fear Dr. Holstein, who's actually a chicken, requests help when turkeys take over the chicken coop. It's a story about facing your fear.
Floyd's Crime Floyd the turtle starts to whine - and gets his way.  Suddenly, he's whining all the time and so are other youngsters at the pond.  The citizens then pass a law against whining and Floyd ends up in jail, singing the blues.
Following the Crowd Mosquitoes cozy up to Floyd and get him involved in some troublesome activities. He learns to be more careful about hanging with the wrong folks.
Feud The Hatfields and the McCoy’s make a visit to the pond in the form of a feuding dog and cat. The Pond creatures seek a way to stop the long-time feud.
Germs Floyd the turtle keeps putting his fingers in his mouth. And when a flu bug hits The Pond, this becomes a recipe for disaster - and comedy.
Googolplextuplits Caroline, the human, comes to the pond concerned that her mom is having a baby. But Tony the frog explains that frogs lay thousands of eggs at a time. And, even though that's a bunch, new life is great. Caroline learns to appreciate the newcomer to the family.
Gossip Trouble A rumor spreads about Dr. Holstein, the chicken. What seems like innocent gossip turns into a disaster for the good doctor.
Greener Grass Tony the frog becomes Methuselah the alligator for one day. And MAN is it fun... for a few minutes. In the classic grass-is-always-greener truth, Tony discovers it's really tough being Methuselah.
Guilty Feelings When Tony the frog feels bad, the creatures help him figure out what's wrong. Turns out, it's guilt! And it's a good thing - guilt helps him know when he's done something he shouldn't have. Yes, a lesson you'll never see on Sesame Street...
I'm So Domesticated A cat ventures to The Pond, looking down on the Pond creatures. But then she is locked out of her house and needs their help. Can she survive on non-filtered water?
Job Hunt The creatures at The Pond decide to help the local non-com radio station.  So they all get temp jobs to raise funds.
Junk Food Tummy Floyd the turtle loves junk food. And one day, that's all he eats. As is always the case, it catches up to him and he ends up missing out on a lot of fun.
Lifesavers Caroline, the lone human friend of the Pond creatures, visits the Pond complaining that her parents make too many rules. She learns that the rules have meaning and that her parents sacrifice much for her.
Lost and Found Tony the frog finds a talking checker board. Yes, talking. With attitude. Tony likes it a lot and is reluctant to put much effort into finding the owner. But he learns that is NOT the right way to think.
Love Your Enemies One of those you've-got-to-be-kidding-me lessons: You must love your enemies. To many, this is ridiculous. To those who read the Word of God, this is essential. An old nemesis visits The Pond and, it turns out, nobody at The Pond likes him. But they know God wants them to love him. So they obey.
Methusaleh's Ark On a rainy day at The Pond, Methuselah the alligator tells of his ancestors' role in the ark.
Military Lesson When The Pond creatures keep showing up late to Bible study, Methuselah the alligator enlists the help of his military friend, an army ant. He puts the creatures through show-up-on-time boot camp.
MOPS Floyd the turtle calls to buy his mother a mop and gets MOPS on the phone by mistake. In an episode that features the voice of MOPS president Ellisa Morgan, Floyd helps his mom join the group to help her with some motherly issues.
New Kid at the Pond Every kid is new at some point. This episode looks back at Bill the duck's first days at The Pond, when he tried too hard to make friends.
Nickname When the creatures at The Pond decide they need nicknames to be cool, they also decide they need to act a certain way to match their nicknames. It all amounts to less fun because acting cool takes way too much effort.
No is the Loneliest Word Floyd is just too nice. But when the creatures at The Pond convince him to say "no," he becomes addicted to the word. Ever have that child? You MUST hear the scene where he is called by the telemarketer.
Oh Those Bullies A bully finds his way to The Pond and ends up on a bully list. And Tony the frog has his name up there, too! Turns out, he did do something to deserve it, though not as bad as the other, more traditional bully.
Opinionated Day Some raise their hands. Some sing loudly. Some even pronounce Old Testament names differently! The Pond creatures struggle with going to another church that seems different than theirs. But, when the gospel is preached as truth, good things are going on. This episode features the great original gospel song "Can I Get an Amen."
Practice Makes Perfect The Pond creatures can't sleep when a nearby creature is practicing the violin at night. But the little creature making the noise keeps practicing and eventually becomes very, very good.
Prince Charming This is where it all began. Caroline, a human, visits the pond searching for her prince charming. She kisses Tony the frog who, much to Caroline's surprise, yells "Yuck."
Radioactive Pond A nightly news crew thinks they have a big scoop on The Pond, deciding the whole place is radioactive... without much evidence. The concept: You can't trust the media. Never too early to teach that lesson, is it?
Remote Controlled Lily Pad Tony gets a remote-controlled lily pad and doesn't want to share it with his friends. He learns to overcome his selfishness. Isn't that nifty?
Responsibility Bill the duck gets a very strange fish, and Tony offers to look after it while he's gone. But he doesn't feed it. And it mutates into a troublesome creature. Oh yes, it's that strange. Tony ends up with a huge mess to deal with.
Singing in the Pond When Tony discovers he can sing, he sings everywhere. Turns out, he loves the attention. But he must learn not to drive others crazy.
Stop It That Hurts In another of those only-in-the-Pond lessons, everybody gets strange, short illnesses. Turns out, it's the result of sin. No, this is not a bad theology lesson. It's just a 48 hour occurrence where one friend's sin leads to another friend's illness.
Thankful Caroline comes to the Pond feeling like she doesn't have enough stuff. The Pond creatures talk about their upbringings - and Caroline learns she really has it good. Especially compared to Floyd, who's very happy regardless.
The Bad, Bad Writer The Pond creatures notice their dialogue is rather boring and loaded with cliches. They blame the writer of the Pond. They decide to break from the script and find the writer (played by the actual writer of the Pond, though not very well...) The lesson is about doing your best at all times.
The Boss At first, The Pond creatures do whatever a bossy mouse tells them to - not used to dealing with a pushy character. Finally, they rebel and actually hide from her. Eventually, the lesson is learned: Don't be bossy!
The Escape In a very politically incorrect episode, the zoo creatures learn they had it good before - when they were looked after day and night. They are especially disturbed to see there are no doctors in the wild. Except, of course Dr. Holstein - a chicken.
The Firm A lawyer shows up to The Pond and has everyone sueing each other. He even has some suing God. But, as you might expect, it doesn't go well for the lawyer in the end.
The Good Sportsman Tony the frog doesn't just want to play, he wants to win. Every time. So he decides to only play that sport which gives him the best chance to win. In the process, he misses out on a lot of fun.
The Loud Goose When a loud goose comes to The Pond, he really gets on Bill the duck's nerves. Bill eventually avoids him altogether, never giving him a chance. Then, at the end of his visit, Bill discovers he really likes him. An opportunity at friendship missed.
The Mystery Scott the fox comes and goes and nobody knows what he's up to. When they figure it out, the Pond creatures don't like it.
The Narrator's Story Even the Narrator gets his own story on The Pond! We learn how he started out as a stuttering bundle of nerves. In this episode, we hear how he overcame his weakness and turned it into a strength.
The Rule Makers The Pond creatures wake up to signs declaring everything environmentally sensitive and, therefore, off limits. Even to the creatures who reside there. With a little help, they run the rule makers out of town. Yes, this is another politically incorrect Pond episode.
Those Silly Rules When Tony the frog decides he doesn't like the rule "clean up after yourself," everybody joins in. Not long after, the Pond is covered in garbage - so much so that garbage trucks assume this is the place to unload.
Tithing When Floyd the turtle is about to buy a prized toy, he realizes he won't have enough to tithe. He holds off and tries to find a job to get the extra money. He fails to find work, but is blessed for tithing when the toy goes on sale. It's a good lesson to see how God blesses us when we tithe.
Too Cool for Something New Tony the frog is injured playing basketball and is forced to learn to find something else he enjoys. The problem is, he likes being the best at what he does and basketball is his thing.
Up Stream During the annual salmon run, one fish decides he doesn't want to keep going up stream. The creatures at the Pond help him overcome his issues of forgiveness - and off he goes.

Where'd the Truth Go?

When one Pond creature decides to fudge the truth, we find out what would happen if nobody cared about honesty. It's not pretty.
X Marks the Spot When the dam is declared not up to code, the Pond creatures must act fast and work together to update it or lose everything.