Tsega loves listening to the Brinkman Adventures on Keys for Kids Radio. She even gave some of her own money to support us! Will you join her? Your investment of $10 a month ongoing will reach 250 kids with the Gospel each year.

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Adventures in Odyssey
Adventures in Odyssey presents original audio stories brought to life by actors who make you feel like part of the experience.  So dust off your imagination and join the kids in Odyssey for inspiring adventures that are flat-out fun! Website&...
Brinkman Adventures
Powerful stories from the lives of real missionaries come to life through the wild and crazy escapades of the Brinkman Family.  These radio dramas will strengthen your faith and inspire young and old to follow Jesus with abandon. Website ...
Down Gilead Lane
Down Gilead Lane is an exciting family radio drama produced by Keys for Kids Ministries. Follow the Morrison family as they navigate life’s trials and triumphs, using the Bible to guide them through every situation in life. Website...
Jungle Jam
Jungle Jam and Friends the Radio Show is a children's radio show with Christian themes and humor straight from the mouths of the animals that live there.  The show was created by Jeff Parker and is owned by Fancy Monkey Studios, Inc. &n...
Keys for Kids
Join your friend Zach for Scripture and a story every day. He's got fun stuff to discover about God, just for you! Website →
Kids Corner
Kids Corner is a weekly half-hour radio program that follows "lizard-like" characters Liz and his friends as they have their ups and downs with stories that entertain and help children make godly choices.  Kids Corner is prod...
Lamplighter Theatre
Lamplighter Theatre brings redemptive stories to new heights in the form of creative audio dramas. Each breathtaking story is brimming with suspense and intensity whose aim is to build Christ-like character one story at a time.  It is produced b...
Parent Minute
Keys for Kids Parent Minute is a one-minute daily feature, hosted by Greg Yoder, the executive director of Keys for Kids Ministries. Amidst a vast sea of parenting experts, Greg is a real parent who’s had successes and failures r...
Paws & Tales
Welcome to Wildwood! Here the folks live just like you and me. They love fun and adventure, enjoy their work and family, and try to learn each day what it means to be like Christ. Paws & Tales is a radio drama produced by Insight for Living whose...
PRIMEtime with Pastor Mark
Pastor Mark teaches and encourages kids in this short Bible study radio program. It not only engages kids, but will grab parent’s ears too!  
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